MWL arranges Sayyida Zainab Conference in Chakwal

A conference was arranged in Chakwal in relevance to the month of Muharram, today by Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League Chakwal which was attended by great number of women and young ladies.

Central Nazima Minhaj Women League Miss Sidra Karamat was the keynote speaker for the conference. Sitting MNA Ms. Fozia Behram also joined the conference.

The conference formally began with the recitation of Holy Quran which was followed by Naat e Maqbool (saw) and Manqabat for Ahl e Bayt e Athar (R.A).

Ms. Sidra delivered a beautiful lecture on the pious and an undaunted personality of Sayyida Zainab (S.A) who is a role model for women of all times. She narrated her attributes and motivated the women to follow the path of these great personalities.

Minhaj Women League Chakwal's Al-Hidayah department set-up a stall and gave briefing about the projects of Al-Hidayah.