Irfan-ul-Hidayah holds 3 days Online Refresher Course

Irfan-ul-Hidayah holds 3 days Online Refresher Course

Irfan-ul-Hidayah department of Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League Pakistan has organized an online Refresher Course for its Quran scholars and has trained them through multiple sessions. Around 200 sisters joined the refresher course.

Quarantine and Role of Quran Scholars:

President MWL Pakistan Mrs. Farah Naz addressed all the scholars and highlighted the importance of teaching Holy Quran by pointing out the huge rewards that Allah Almighty has to offer who devoted their energies for this noble cause. She emphasized Quran scholars to serve during blessed days of Ramadan ul Mubarak and encouraged all families to organize Halqat e Quran in their homes during Ramadan ul Mubarak.

Translation of Holy Quran:

This session was based on basic techniques to understand word by word translation of Holy Quran. Purpose of this session was to develop the ability to understand the Arabic text. These sessions were delivered by Muhammad Masood ( Senior Dupty Director Training dpt. MQI) over techniques for better understanding the meaning/translation of each verse while reciting Holy Qur'an.

Quran learning sessions anf role of Quran scholars:

General Secretary MWL Miss Sidra Karamat in her session explained role of Muslim women in shaping the society by giving examples from Islamic history. She briefed the execution of Quran learning sessions (Halqa e Quran) during Ramadan ul Mubarak by making Whatsapp group having 25-30 female participants in each group. These females after having initial training from Quran scholars will start Quran learning sessions with their families.

Subjects of Surah Mubarak:

This 3 days session was based on an interpretation of important subjects mentioned in Surah Mubarak. Ghulam Murtaza Alvi (Director Training department MQI) provided participants with all those basic techniques and guidelines on which they can understand and elaborate the subjects of Surah Mubarak. Quran scholars also gave practical demonstrations of important subjects of different Surah Mubarak.

Social Media Session:

Refresher course for Quran scholars also included an interactive workshop on social distancing attributes and responsibility of a social media user by Miss. Jaweria Waheed (Director Social Media department MWL).

This course has been an in-time opportunity for Quran scholars to refresh their basic learning of Holy Quran and have recieved a heart warming response from the scholars who attended the refresher course for three days.



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