Miss Basima Hassan Qadri delivers lecture on 'Being productive in Ramadan'

Miss Basima Hassan Qadri delivered her lecture on "Being productive in Ramadan" in a live webinar organized by Minhaj Sisters Europe where more than 250 sisters from all around the world joined us.

Participants found her lecture very informative, inspiring and extraordinary.

Respected Basima Hassan Qadri said that

With respect to this blessed month in particular, our aim and objective should be to achieve significant, noticeable and most importantly sustainable progress in both our outer selves - zahir (which includes our behavior, our social relations, our habits and so forth), as well as our spiritual and inner selves – batin (which includes the state of our iman, the state of our thoughts, our desires and inclinations).

She said that productivity is trying to achieve quality results over a quantity of results.

To achieve noticeable results we must be go through a process of Self accountability – muhasabah.

In this blessed month when we are set-up goals or targets for ourselves, she said that one example of a goal or task, can be to improve and reconcile your social relations.

Closing her lecture she said that the reward from Allah depends on the sincerity of your act, and the intention you have. Not necessarily the act itself. The act itself has the potential to become an empty and cold one, with no depth, no heart, no soul. But if we learn how to sustain quality acts of worship and righteous deeds, Insha`Allah Ta’ala with the tawfiq and blessings of Allah almighty and his beloved Rasool, we can bring back the soul and heart to our everyday lives.



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