Al-Nasiha Series: Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri speaks on how to bring up children

President Minhaj-Ul-Quran Women League International, Dr. Ghazala Hassan Qadri delivered her sixth lecture of the 7- week Al-Nasiha Series on the topic of strengthening the family unit: How to provide good Tarbiyya to our children Part 2. This lecture focused on practical steps that should be taken towards providing good moral training to one's children. The following points were highlighted:

  1. When looking to get married one's partner should be chosen wisely, focus on the potential partners' purpose in life and the importance he or she places on their Deen.
  2. Before the birth of their children, married couples should plan how they want to bring up and nurture their children in light of Islam.
  3. Parents must pray to Allah for honest and pure offspring.
  4. A mother should eat healthily & look after herself during pregnancy, so she can increase her Ibadah to benefit herself and the unborn child. She should ensure the income is halal from which she feeds herself and the unborn child.
  5. At 24 weeks an embryo can hear the mother's voice. The recitation of the Quran would benefit the mother and baby's soul spiritually.
  6. Parents must place importance on choosing their child's name. Try and choose a meaningful name, as the child will try to live up to this.
  7. Children copy their parents, thus it is most important that their role models are people of good character and actions. One's lifestyle should be reflective of Islamic culture. This can be reflected by the way one dresses, speaks to one another and how they practice their deen.
  8. Parents should invest quality time in their children. Teach them important life skills through interaction.
  9. Parents should not let their love cause ignorance towards their children's misbehavior. This should be corrected with love.
  10. Parents should provide awareness to children regarding Taqwa. Teach them Islamic Adaab so they are aware of & realise their true identity.
  11. Family time should be made a priority. Eat together and pray together. Spend time as a family for Allah's blessings. This creates a positive atmosphere.
  12. Islamic knowledge and activities must be a common agenda in the household, parents should try to link their children to an Islamic organisation such as Minhaj Ul Quran where possible.
  13. Parents should emphasise the importance of Islamic knowledge and education from a young age, side by side with academic education. Where possible children/young adults, should attend Islamic classes and Colleges such as Minhaj College Manchester, where academic education & Islamic education is given side by side.
  14. Make sure the company that the children keep and that parents provide, is that of what is expected by Islamic standards.

May Allah swt allow us to act upon these practical tips.