Guidelines for the Organizers of Awami Lawyers Movement, Pakistan

Respectable Mr. / Mrs.

I hope you are endeavoring for the advacement of the great Mustafavi Reforms system. Being the office-bearer of AWAMI LAWYERS’ MOVEMENT PAKISTAN (PALM) the following program will assist you in promoting the great mission of Mustafavi Reforms system.

  1. Registing Lawyers and keeping in perpetual contact with them.
  2. Establishment of sub organizations, regular meetings and visits.
  3. Arranging lectures of senior advocates on law for the young advocates.
  4. Arranging lectures of senior advocates on understanding national and International law for people.
  5. Providing free legal guidance and assistance to the organizations of the Tehreek.
  6. Providing free legal assistance to solve human rights and collective problems of people and undergo legal procedure concerning government and judicial institutions.
  7. Struggling for resolving the problems of lawyers specially young lawyers.

For Advocates

  1. Arranging visits to provincial assembly, national assembly, senate, jails and police stations.
  2. Arranging lectures and seminars of effective personalities on important national issues.
  3. Striving to solve the problems of bar and Judiciary.
  4. Promoting the law books of Quaid-e-Tehreek Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in the Bar and arranging his video programmes on important issues.
  5. Participating in the meetings of Pakistan Awami Tehreek and causing efforts to make it successful.
  6. Issuing the press releases of the PALM programmes.
  7. Making contacts with the influential people of the area to introduce to them the mission of Mustafvi Reforms.
  8. Disseminating the mission effectively.
  9. Submitting regular, quarterly progress report to the central organization of PALM.
  10. Performing according to the objectives stated in the introductory literature of PALM

I hope you successfully achieve the targets, with the cooperation of other office bearers, members and staff members.

Chief Organizer PALM