Mandi Bahauddin: MWL organizes organizational workshops

Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League is always connected with its organizational structure throughout the country through training and projects-based working. Directorate Training of MWL has designed a series of organizational training workshops for all Pakistan MWL organizations based on districts and PPs from 13th April to 10th of May. The very first organizational training workshop by Minhaj-ul- Quran Women League in Mandi Bahauddin was conducted on 13 April.

Anila Ilyas, General Secretary of central Punjab, Aisha Qadri, General Secretary West Punjab, Umme Kalsoom Qamar, General Secretary of Kashmir and Zainab Arshad, President MSM-Sister were the main trainers of the workshop. District Nazima of Mandi Bahauddin Miss Sandeela started with the welcome note.

Anila Ilyas delivered her lecture on the subject of organizational ethics and determination to the cause. Aisha Qadri in her lecture focused on the newly implemented organizational structure. Umme Kalsoom Qamar presented Zarb e Amn Planning and signature campaign. Zainab Arshad briefly introduced the aims and working of MSM-Sisters. Workers from more than 7 PPs effectively participated in the workshop and have learnt a lot.