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‘Revolution’ has turned into ‘national awakening’: Qadri
Rulers making nation’s future ‘bleak’: Qadri
Say 'go Nawaz go' when irked by mosquitoes, flies: Tahirul Qadri
Revolution has turned into national awakening: Qadri
Misrepresenting army support is a 'political sin', PAT tells SC
Dawn News: FIR against Nawaz Sharif
Dr. Qadri questions PM’s incumbency after murder case
Daily Times: ‘Revolution’ has turned into ‘national awakening’: Qadri
Rulers united in parliament to protect their wrongdoings, says Dr. Qadri
Qadri vows not to turn away without ousting current rulers
Elections alone can’t be regarded as democracy, says Qadri
Dr Qadri shows ‘metallic bullet-riddled’ workers
PIMS doctors do not remove bullets from workers' bodies: Tahirul Qadri
Qadri shows ‘metallic bullet-riddled’ workers
Parliament is house of corrupt, says Dr Qadri